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Coming to Xbox and Steam this summer

Explore the world alongside your flying pet, collect delicious fruits, and cook tasty meals to look after your cloud daycare in this cute and wholesome farming game.

features ~(˘▾˘~)

  • Take care of your cloud daycare, by feeding and playing with cute clouds who need attention and lots of love.

  • Explore a colourful world with diverse biomes, and gather different ingredients to cook delicious meals your clouds will love.

  • Complete your journal with your own adventures and experiences from special locations all over the world.

  • Always alongside your flying pet, who will be there to support you and lend you a paw whenever you need it!

Cloud shape one
Cloud shape two

faq (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

when and where is it coming?

Clouzy!´s coming to Xbox and Steam this summer, although other platforms might be considered for a late release.

who are you?

Tinymoon is a small game development studio from Madrid, Spain. Our team was created while attending university, where we started developing Clouzy!, our current project that started as our final year project.

why Clouzy?

As we started the project, we all had in mind that we wanted to develop a wholesome and cute game, full of positive energy. And so, "Clouzy!" was born. This game is our attemp to spread a little love in the world. We want to create a cozy experience that makes people feel comfortable and loved.

nyaaaa , last update!

Clouzy! was part of the Wholesome Snack: Holiday Edition on December 16th, an indie game showcase full of wholesome indie games, exclusives, announcements, and tons of fun!


Tiny Members

Image of Yeray Fernández
Yeray Fernández

Producer, PR, Artist and Audio

Image of Víctor García
Víctor García

Head of Programming

Image of Angy Muñoz
Angy Muñoz

Head of Art

Image of Zaira González
Zaira González

Narrative Designer

Image of Rodri Perdices
Rodri Perdices

Head of Design and Level Designer

Image of Borja Borrallo
Borja Borrallo

Game Designer and Web Admin

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